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tv   Hannity  FOX News  January 8, 2013 9:00pm-10:00pm PST

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>> . >> welcome to hannity, and tonight we're learning that the white house will be the site after critical showdown over gun control later this week. now, the face-off between vice-president joe biden and his gun control task force and the national rifle association is slated to take place on thursday. now, n.r.a. officials confirmed to fox news had the organization accepted an invitation to attend the closed door session, it's expected that the group will discuss a variety of options how to curb gun violence and issues related to mental health and entertainment and video game industry are reportedly going to be put on the table. there is no question that limiting your second amendment rights is priority one for sheriff joe and his team. now, these breaking developments come to us just days following a washington post report indicating that
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president obama is considering banning assault weapons and high capacity magazines, but that's not all, not even close. the paper also revealed that universal background checks for all gun buyers, a national gun data base, strict mental health checks and much more are all being floated by this task force. as for the n.r.a., in the aftermath of the sandy hook tragedy, the organization recommended placing armed security guards in our schools. and earlier today, the white house reiterated president obama's skepticism of that idea. watch this. >> if the president said he doesn't want to pre-judge any recommendations that any stake holder might present, he did in his meet the press interview respond to a question about the specific recommendation that the n.r.a. had made and by saying that he was skeptical, that putting more guns in schools would solve this problem. but again, we look forward to
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hearing from a variety of organizations and civic groups and others who have insights into this problem. >> sean: now as we await the outcome of thursday's meeting. liberals continue to attack the merits of the second amendment. if case you're not familiar, a well-regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall nod be infringed. now in recent days the left have focused on the word "militia" and do so without consideration to what they've said. the co-author of the second amendment garyieorge mason, wha is the militia, it is the whole people, to disarm the people is the best and most effect actual way to enslave them. and all power is inherent in
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the people, their right and duty at all times to be armed. i can go on and on with quotes from our founders and framers, the point, if they were alive today they'd be mocked, besmirched and by the left wing media the question here is profound, are we still a constitutional republic. do we still believe in freedom, do we believe in liberty? our constitution is our rule of law. will liberals now allow that to be shredded? what's missing in this entire debate is balance and common sense. do criminals obey laws? no, if 99.9% of gun owners never break the law, why should they be deprived of their rights because of the action of a few. are we going to ban booze to stop drunk driving, ban cars and planes and people die when those are used. if a knife used in an attack, god forbid and follow al sharpton and ban knifes in
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america. psycho tropic drug use, video movies and video games, if america wants to prevent future tragedies, many things we can do. my advice, if we protect, for example, our money, our politicians, our hollywood stars, they have armed security. maybe it's time that our children get the same armed security. maybe retired police officers and then we're not going to have to take away the rights of law abiding citizens and that, my friends, is how we go about saving america. and joining me now to debate this important top, republican congressman tom cotton of arkansas and democratic congressman of california. gentlemen, welcome to "hannity". >> hi, sean. >> thanks for having me on for the first time. >> sean: welcome aboard. two young congressmen. glad you're here. congressman, do you support gun control? i support gun safety measures, i grew up in a family of gun owners and hunters and i went hunting with my dad as a kid
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and you know, deep respect for the second amendment and the culture of our country. i don't think we can look at what's happened and say we shouldn't do nothing the at all. and the cost of doing nothing, nothing will change. >> sean: a lot of gun owners and americans are racing to the store and buying more guns than ever before. they feel and agree with them, that we're about to see very restrictive measures that are about to be put on us. what do you support? >> i support an assault weapons ban, we already have one in california don't support doing anything above what we do in california. you made a great example what are we going to do, ban booze next? when you start today look at drunk driving deaths in our country 30 years ago, we raised the age at which our teenagers could drink to 21. >> sean: we didn't take it away, restrict it from different people. >> we didn't take it away, but put on sensible measures, lowered blood alcohol content level and what we saw over the last 30 years, drunk driving deaths came down.
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i think that sensible reasonable measures can be made. >> sean: let me ask you about the measure, i, for example, our president by the way, rightly so, our cabinet members, politicians, hollywood stars, our money, your money in a bank is protected with an armed guard. when wayne lapierre brought up the idea of, say a retired police officer, looking for a job, and being in a school. is that such a silly idea? is that-- my father-- my father's a retired police officer, my little brother is a police officer, i don't get armed protection, but now, i do support allowing our retired police officers to carry concealed weapons, that's not a bad idea. >> sean: i say hiring them in a school to prevent. we have laws you can't bring guns into schools. we have laws that prevent criminals from using them. we have laws that say mentally ill people can't have them. so-- >> the president has said all options are on the table. i support the president. we need to look at everything and my concern about putting them in schools is, who is going to pay for that? our children right now are
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already suffering from budget cuts. >> sean: you guys are broke. congressman cotton, welcome you to the program, but this is a really serious issue and obviously now the left feels energized. is there any law that would have been passed beforehand that you could think of congressman cotton, that would have prevented the tragedy. columbine happened after the last assault weapon ban. any law that you think would have prevented this? >> sean, i don't think there are gun control measures that would have prevented the newtown killings or mass murders. one kiwi could adopt the dangerously mentally ill from getting firearms in the first place and that's where some of the key solutions will come, i believe. for instance, the national background check system is woefully inadequate when it comes to mental illness records. we need to reform health privacy laws so children and doctors can ensure the authorities are aware of the dangerously mentally ill. we also need to help states to assist in outpatient treatment
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programs. we're not going back to the regime of institutionallizing the mentally ill on mass levels we had pre-1960's, but we need to make sure they're getting the treatment they deserve. connecticut had an assault weapons ban. and california has an assau san weapons ban and large magazine. but from 1994-2004 had any measurable effect on crime. >> would i say, sean, when was the last time that major media were in california for a mass shooting. so we are seeing-- >> i would say during the stockton killing many years ago. >> that was before our assault weapons ban. >> sean: i was out there, but listen, if-- by their very nature, congressman, criminals do not obey laws and what we're talking about here is impinging on the rights of law abiding citizens, the 99.9% and it's not going to solve the problem of those killing people. you're not taking away people's alcohol, not taking away their cars, not grounding
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aircraft all of which are dangerous. al sharpton says if the next incident happens with a knife, we're going to have knife control in america. how far do you go with this logic of yours. >> what congressman cotton says, he's a military hero who i have deep respect for. i don't disagree with anything that congressman cotton said as far as a comprehensive bill that looks at mental health treatment. >> and-- yeah. >> and that has to be on the table. i was a prosecutor, sean, for seven years and i know -- you're right, we cannot end and get rid of all mass shootings, but we can take-- >> and measures to bring it down. >> sean: if you say you shoot guns, by the way, i was outed today as a gun owner because i have a license car i permit. other people in new york, i would assume, as a congressman and believing the right of privacy, that you think that's wrong. am i right about that? >> that you were outed as a licensed-- >> in other words, it was printed on a website that i have a license carry permit. i've had it more than half of my adult life.
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did you think that's appropriate? >> if it violated privacy rights, sure, it's wrong. >> sean: but does that violate privacy rights? do you think i should have the right, do you believe in my right to privacy and my family's right to privacy. >> i do. if it went through the proper channels for disclosure, it's right, if it didn't, it's wrong. >> sean: you didn't answer the question. do you think that's wrong morally. >> that you were outed as a gun owner? >> yeah. >> i think having a national system that tracks who owns guns is fine. i don't think on the internet-- >> it's nobody's business, i'm a law abiding citizen. you know, for liberals to claim they believe in the right to privacy, this debate is obviously going to be very, very intense in the the days to come. thank you both for being with us. appreciate it. >> thanks, sean. >> thank you, sean. >> sean: the audacity of the president was on full display with the nomination of chuck hagel, why handsdown a bad
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>> welcome back to hannity. president obama's arrogance was on full display when he nominated chuck hagel to be the next defense secretary. while there are numerous reasons this would be disastrous move for the country one thing for certain, hagel is not a fan of our closest ally. after hearing about our commander-in-chief's controversial pick, emergency committee for israel released this ad. watch this. >> secretary of defense chuck hagel, president obama says he supports sanctions on iran. hagel voted against them. hagel voted against labeling iran's revolutionary guard a terrorist group. while president obama says all options are on the table for preventing a nuclear iran,
9:16 pm
president obama, for secretary of defense, chuck hagel is not a responsible option. >> sean: joining me now, a rising star in the republican party mo has already come out and voiced opposition to hagel's nomination. texas senator in the studio ted cruz, on your big victory. >> thank you, good to be here. >> sean: it's great to have you. what about his inability to name terrorist groups for what they are? >> it's really remarkable. you know, that ad, i think, highlighted a number of the aspects of senator hagel's record that are most troubling. you take, for example, a vote on designating the iranian revolutionary guard as a terrorist group. at the time the revolutionary guard was sending explosive projectile into iraq and used to kill service members. that's the definition of terrorism and it it makes one wonder, if they're not terrorists, who is. >> sean: it's not only them, it's hezbollah, yasser arafat, fatah at the time, hamas. what about these issues with
9:17 pm
israel? he actually even talked about a starting point, he accepted the saudi peace initiative which would have forced israel to return the golan heights, the west bank, much of jerusalem, which would mean they'd have indefensible borders and the statement about the jewish lobby intimidates a lot of people up there. >> you look at chuck hagel's record and it places him on the outer fringe in terms of his views of national security. in fact, "the washington post" describes him as, quote, near the fringe of the senate. now, this is a man who served honorably for his nation. he was wounded defending his nation. i respect him personally, but his views are not in the mainstream and i don't think they'd serve this nation well leading defense. >> sean: and then nomination of brennan for cia who says jihad is a legitimate tenant of islam.
9:18 pm
jihad, holy war, terrorism against westerners? >> there's a pattern here, sean, which is i think the president has drunk the kool-aid. he was reelected and at this point he thinks he can do nothing wrong. he went through the fiscal cliff, got exactly what he wanted in the fiscal cliff, and take the hagel nomination, for example. they floated this trial balloon for several weeks and you saw a number of republicans come out against it. you saw crickets chirping among democrats senators. typically one floats a trial balloon to get a sense of support. it was clear there was strong bipartisan opposition to chuck hagel and president obama decided he didn't care. he was going to force it through and pick this fight because i think politically he thinks he can pick any fight he wants. >> sean: it's interesting now, because the president has definitely shown that arrogance, i totally agree with you. all right, you said something the other day i was really glad you said. i think the republicans were weak when it came to the fiscal cliff. i think they have a lot more leverage now over the debt ceiling. >> yeah. >> sean: so my question to you, you said they should be
9:19 pm
willing to shut the government down, not all functions. >> right. >> sean: what would you shut down and do you think your fellow republicans had do that? >> well, i hope we stand strong. the reason we got a lousy deal with the fiscal cliff, because president obama had the leverage. because when you've got a divided government, whoever owns the default, whoever wins if nothing is done is in the strongest position, obama was in a strong position there if nothing was done taxes were raised on every american taxpayer. with respect to the debt ceiling, we have the default. if fiscal conservatives can stand together we can have some substantive reforms, pro reforms, if not a default and obama it going to say that over and over and over again, we should be clear, it's not a default we should always, always, all the pay our debt. what it would be a partial government shutdown. we saw it in 1995 with republicans in congress. >> sean: it worked.
9:20 pm
we got to a balanced budget for the first time. >> year after year after year. >> sean: all right. let me ask you, there seems to be this trial balloon, i'll talk a little more about the next segment and if you look at article 1, constitution, says all legislative powers here granted shall be invested in congress and goes on spending is in the house of representatives. >> yes. >> sean: it seems floating that trial balloon they want to use 14th amendment, section 4, as the debt. why constitutional, in your authority, is that? it's never been tried before. we've never had debt like this before. if he tries to circumvent the house of representatives authority, what does that mean? >> it's part and parcel with this president demonstrated in the first determine, disregarding. as a constitutional litigator it warms my heart to see you pull out a copy of the constitution. >> sean: i carry it with me everywhere, so-- >> we saw in the first term the president repeatedly
9:21 pm
ignore the constraints of the constitution, ignore the constraints of federal law to implement his agenda and i think in the second term that's only going to get worse. >> sean: because he's arrogant, after the fiscal cliff, after the reelection, he doesn't have to worry about election again. >> i tell you what, liberals should be be concerned about this. if you're on the left, you shouldn't like an imperial president, a nixonion president that disregards congress. congress is a democratic check on the president and yet, it seems the left is absolutely silent. >> sean: well, you're a breath of fresh air in the senate and we're certainly happy there as a conservative. thank you for being with us and hope you'll come on the program often. good to see you. >> good to see you, shaean, thanks nor having me. >> sean: did the president lie to you when he raised taxes on 77% of americans. i'm going to show you why the answer is a resounding yes. speaking of taxing, you what your hard earned dollars
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9:26 pm
taken care of. >> no, the president said originally he wanted 1.6 trillion dollars in revenue. he took it down to 1.2 as a compromise and this legislation again, 620 billion dollars, very significant, high end tax, high end tax rate to 39.6%, but that's not enough on the revenue side. we're already agreed to a trillion dollars in spending cuts, over a trillion dollars in spending cuts. >> so are you then saying to the upper classes, get ready, you're going to have to pay some more, this is not the end of it? >> well, i'm saying that's not off the table. >> that's not off the table. but not in terms of tax rates. but in terms of other-- >> you're talking deductions. >> and the rest. >> sean: now it gets worse because even though president obama and his liberal cohorts promised they'd only raise taxes on the top 1%, the tax policy center that crunched the number discovered that 77% of american households are going to see their taxes go up. what a way to start off the year. joining me now with reaction,
9:27 pm
co-host of "the five", dana perino and jason riley, good to see you both. i've got it right he said over and over again 1%. >> you learned well during the campaign, that's the thing he talked about, but the 99% realized though, that the government is going to get you coming and going. >> sean: all right. here, i'm going to play the tape of obama, only going to raise taxes 1%, 99% won't see their taxes go up. did the president lie to you? we'll examine that after you watch this. >> 98% of americans and 97% of small businesses wouldn't see their income taxes go up by a single dime. make sure the taxes on the 98% of americans don't go up and then we should let the tax cuts expire for folks like me, for the top 2% of americans. >> if on the other hand if you make less than $250,000 a year like 98% of american families do, your taxes shouldn't go up. that's all there is to it.
9:28 pm
>> if you make more than 1 million dollars a year, you should pay at least the same percentage of your income in taxes as middle class families do. >> the last thing you want to do is to raise taxes in the middle of a recession. >> sean: all right, wait a minute, 77% of americans just saw their taxes go up. did he lie? >> well, i don't know, i don't know if i can say lie, but-- >> a problem, sean. >> help me. >> socializing u.s. health care is expensive and his second term agenda is going to be finding enough revenue to pay for his first term agenda. and the amazing thing for me here is how quickly the democrats moved the goal post. congressman sandy levin was on the floor, on the house floor as they were voting on the fiscal cliff bill, saying we're going to have to continue to raise taxes more. now, dick durbin is out there calling for an energy tax. we have howard dean over the weekend saying, no, taxing the rich isn't enough. but obama knew this, he knew taxing-- because it was about tax fairness, remember.
9:29 pm
the rhetoric, flying, that was a cast warfare argument and then they're going to go for the carbon tax and loopholes and call it tax reform, but it's still a tax increase. >> the obamacare tax increases are the ones that are really going to hurt people and it's not just that, but when nancy pelosi was talking in the opening cliff there, they say they've got this trillion dollar tax cut, it doesn't hold up to scrutiny in. the poll that said that congress is less popular not just-- but than a colonoscopy. >> sean: i've had one, go ahead. >> the president obama in the rose garden said we have an entitlement spending program and we're going to have to deal with that. when jason says he's going to have to pay in the second term for the actions in the first term. he has to pay for the inaction. he could have done tax reform and entitlement reform in the first term and chose not to. >> sean: the reality, they've spent the money and floated this trial balloon and the trial balloon is mr. president, bypassed congress and article 1 section
9:30 pm
7 which says all bills for raising revenue originate in the house of representatives, use the 14th amendment to talk about debt. that, to me, would be shredding the constitution. no president has ever tried or attempted, we've never been in this position before to do that. if he picks that fight, which it seems like democrats are now urging him to do, 27 of them, how big a problem will that be in the country. i think a huge problem. their problem is the middle class is where the money is. we've seen, how many states, about a dozen state have million area taxes, but they all kick in at a much lower level. hawaii's kicks in 200,000. maryland's at 250. they have to, that's where the money is. you cannot fund the government that obama wants by only taxing wealthy americans and higher rates. >> sean: so we can't fund the obama welfare state without -- we can't pay for it? >> i think that it's a pox on everybody's houses in washington. this is the analogy that i like. if you were to go home and found at that there had been a
9:31 pm
sewage blockage in your basement, you don't raise the ceiling of the basement, you pump out the sewage. that's what people expect. >> sean: i don't know what to make about the analogy. sewage problems, colonoscopies. >> these are great analogies. you can't raise the ceiling, get it? i was trying to say sewage without laughing. >> sean: you did a great job. thank you for being with us. coming up a story guaranteed to make you mad. recipients living large at the strip club. showing you where your hard earned tax dollars are spent and the government still thinks you're not paying your fair share. that's coming up ahead and log on to our companion site. hannity live, follow our live show and get in depth information on the topics we cover. all you have to do is go to hannity live and get exclusive real time content directly from the producer in the control room
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>> and welcome back to "hannity." now that the obama administration has taken more money out of your wallet each and every week. you want to know where some of your hard earned money is going? it will probably make you angry. the new york post through the freedom of information act got a hold of record of welfare recipients. they took out cash at bars and liquor stores and x-rated
9:36 pm
video shops, huka bars and strip clubs where they presumably spent tax money on lap dances rather than diapers. unbelievable. glad it's going to good use, that's what fair share is about. joining me with reaction michael meyers and sirius xm host david webb. strip bar, you've been to a hooka bar? i've walked by. i didn't know what it was a month ago. >> here is the thing, you lower the bar for people to spend money to feed a government program. there's another side to this besides the fact that like texas, like other states, you can identify the atm machines and decide you can't withdraw from this atm machine or that atm machine in that establishment because it's supposed to be about feeding your children, feeding yourself, taking care of your basic needs. look, people send me receipts, sean, all the time on twitter or my show, here, a guy bought five lobsters or a woman who
9:37 pm
bought this on ebt card. that's abuse of the system that's actually designed to bridge for people, welfare reform, or work fair and get them to be back to be productive members of society. they don't want you, they want you sucking on it, want you using the card and why they lower the bar. >> is it my turn. >> sean: it's your turn. >> look, this is a real distraction from the the real issue. we have 47 million people in america on food stamps. we have millions of people who are unemployed. we have a media that's now, we make it, a quick retreat from the real focus on incompetent, undisciplined, failure of a president, a man who is mocking the poor every day, through not addressing the economy. and here we have-- and i have zero tolerance for welfare cheats, i have zero tolerance for sleazy journalism and this is what this is, this is obstructive and go back to the bread and butter issues and sin of sex--
9:38 pm
>> and you read the story. >> no you didn't read the story. >> it was on the front cover-- >> wait a minute. >> the story says, i have the pictures, and this is a family show. now, the story says that data base of 200 million people and then they said, well, you know, we purchased and we found dozens out of 200 million, dozens of, plural, the not dozens of people, dozens of-- and that's the point. dozens of withdrawals from atm's located in such places as bars and-- >> wait a minute. >> wait a minute, then they said in the story, we presume that they spent the money in these places. >> but, mike-- >> and i go into a strip bar and withdrawing money in a strip bar, oh, 'cause i want to get, let's he see, diapers in the strip bar? >> whoa, whoa, might sell them there, that's a different room. i'll give michael a little credit. and he's actually right about this because the idea here, but i opened up with, lowering
9:39 pm
the bar so people can use it anywhere, which is a way to spend the money to justify a bigger budget. >> i agree, wait a minute-- >> michael, take out of the story what's important, you shouldn't be able to use this anywhere except for supermarket and where you can get sustenance. >> sean: last week giving out 19,000 checks to people on welfare, don't know who they are, they don't exist. >> sean, this ebt, electronic benefit transfer program are what people temporarily on disability and again, you lose the focus, these are also the-- >> and the disability anymore-- >> the poor and low income are also the casualties of program's program of neglect. benign neglect of the poor and favortism for the cronies, and they want-- >> tell you what, how many --. >> happying on. >> we'll get to the deeper aspect of this. >> yeah, i do. >> and wait a minute, they're spending all this money and they keep talking about raising taxes and they won't cut spending, but there's all
9:40 pm
of their power, the greediest people are in washington. >> and hawaii. >> and they're spending money that they don't have and they're gaining their power by creating dependencyis the depen that's necessary for obama to be successful. he had to drive the middle class down economically and make them the sustenance class. you make it ease toy spend. forget the strip bars for a moment. the real issue is to make it so they never get off the program. the strip bars are just one element to this. >> i don't -- i grant you, i don't agree with welfare dependency, but i'm telling you we're in an economic crisis, this is the worst economy since the great depression. >> americans on food stamps. >> people have no assets, they have no savings, they get assistance support from the
9:41 pm
government. >> that hurts them in the long run. >> and then we have-- >> and we've got to go. >> the stories that exploit rapid things on the dole, and new year-- >> and watching it. >> and keep talking about the issue. >> sean: coming up, he claims to be a champion of the a little guy. my next guest says the president and his team are anything, but. and next we'll count them down and the president's top five bullies and the go-to tactic is implementing the radical agenda. would you watch a show featuring a hip-hop star and his 11 kids and ten baby mamas? oxygen network hopes you do. some americans are drawing the decency line. we're going to look at
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common side fects are headache, nausea, and fatigue. so if you suffer from middle-of-the-night insomnia, ask your docto about intermezzo and return to sleep again. ♪ >> welcome back to "hannity." time and again on this program we have highlighted the left's bullying tactics, from sexism to generally violent rhetoric. and liberals have been bullying opponents in the last half century and the president has been taking his cues in the left wing in history and my next guest says obama about taking the tax tactics. tonight he's here to reveal the top five bullies working with the president.
9:46 pm
and. >> thanks for having me. >> let's start at the top. let's go to number five. dan savage on real time with b bill maher and roll the tape. >> you republicans are like arafat. arafat. >> it's-- >> exactly like (bleep). >> still charges of sexism, only michele bachmann and-- (bleep) rick santorum. >> sean: endless on that show in particular. >> and dan savage is one of the heads of the anti-bullying projects at the white house and the white house has cut tape and dan savage made headlines he bullied a bunch of christian kids when they walked out of his lecture, he was yelling how the bible was evil. >> and george stephanopoulos. >> are you prepared to leave
9:47 pm
this gathering and own the fact that the platform of this party, no exception, but to carry that term. >> over who will be the next secretary of state. no final decision from president obama, but the ambassador susan rice ran into a buzz saw on capitol hill when she met with republican senators critical of her nomination. it's so common, look, if they interviewed democrats the same way, i would be all is fair in love and war, but they don't. they don't. >> andrew breitbart one of my mentors, used to say the problem with the media they pretend they're objective. look at george stephanopoulos, he's a clinton staffer. like karl rove were the real anchor on a news program. >> he run a war room. >> he was and people wonder why did george stephanopoulos suddenly bring up contraception right during the debate? he did it because that was part of the obama administration's war on women
9:48 pm
and he was-- >> and spoke ahead of time. and what mitt romney said about half the country is a spit in the face of everyday american people who know what it means to work incredibly hard and still sometimes fail to get by, these so-called victims he dismisses well, these are victims of a system that's rigged by mitt romney's backers, so they-- >> richard trumka head of the afl-cio and stands for the union left that works hand and glove with the obama administration, they're not interested in us paying lower prices, they're not interested in us being employed. they're interested in richard trumka making $300,000 a year and meeting at the white house. >> and unions not getting their way-- >> and white house punched even in the face and the threat to public sector unions, threat to public safety and violence is real. >> let's go to number four,
9:49 pm
this has to do with some of these groups out there that have paid enormous amounts of money, and it's now institutionallized and you discuss this in great detail in the book and that's that they monitor every word of every conservative and try to target them to silence them and you put david brocka at number two. >> you know this, david brock deeply involved with the white house, meets with media matters and they monitor everything conservatives say and launch astroturf boycotts. what they did with rush limbaugh. they create an astroturf boycott around sandra fluke. and they kept pushing and pushing and the obama administration got involved and obama himself went out there and started pushing forward with calling sandra personally. when piers morgan, appears to get rid of piers morgan, obama comes out and talks free speech. when rush limbaugh is getting
9:50 pm
attacked he feels to come out and attack rush limbaugh. >> and with obama smear tactics and post campaign, never ending campaign with him and biden using the race card. it was class warfare, and every election is about racism, republicans hate women and republicans only care about the rich. these tactics are always used and seem to work and seem effective. >> mitt romney lost because in the public mind he was a bad guy, not because he was wrong on policy, not because barack obama is a good president, everyone knows he sucks, everyone thought that mitt romney was a bad guy because of the race card, the sex card and-- >> the last question, how do republicans counter the bullying, i agree with you, i think you're making really valid points. they're very good at demonization. how would you counter it? >> we can't be civil with them. we can't. we've reached the end of bipartisanship. we've reached the end of civility. it's like the geneva convention. they're out of uniform and once they reach civility, it's
9:51 pm
enough playing fair game and the moral high ground. we need to start fighting back and fighting back hard. >> sean: it's a good book, ben shapiro, breitbart every day, and a brand new show sparking outrage before its debut. all my baby mamas, and features hip-hop artist with 11 children by ten different women and the trailer has already been pulled. [ male announcer ] how can power consumption in china,
9:52 pm
impact wool exports from new zealand, textile production in spain, and the use of medical technology in the u.s.? at t. rowe price, we understand the connections of a complex, global economy. it's just one reason over 75% of our mutual funds beat their 10-year lipper average. t. ro price. invest with confidence. request a prospectus or summary prospectus with investment information, risks, fees and expenses to read and consider carefully before investing.
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>> all right. just when you thought reality television could not get any worse. the oxygen network stooped to a new low reality show set to air this spring called all my baby's mamas, the life of atlanta hip-hop artist, who fathered 11 children with ten different women. controversial premise sparked widespread outrage with one online petition with signatures demanding they can the show. the oxygen channel tried to distance themselves pulling clips of the trailer from the internet. we decided to take our cameras to the streets of atlanta where the show is based to get the latest installment of degrading reality television. >> it may be entertaining, he got like ten baby mamas. >> you say ten baby mamas,
9:56 pm
that's crazy. >> ten baby mamas? >> that's right up there with that overweight little girl show. >> and i'd look at it once or twice, i always look at tv shows. >> not much you can do, you can't censor everything, they want it for entertainment. >> a big stereo type and puts a negative connotation on the black community. >> i don't take it as offensively. it doesn't bother me. >> that show is not positive. it's not something that it should be exploited on tv. he has tn different baby mothers and 11 different children, and that's something that shouldn't be something that's positive on tv because it's definitely not positive. i wouldn't shut it down. i mean, somebody might want to watch that. if nobody watches it, then it will shut itself down. >> some people might want to watch it, but i just would not watch it at all. >> the effort to keep it off may be a good one. >> you know, kids don't try that. ten baby mamas, that's impossible right there. >> sean: all right, joining me with reaction, fox news contracting tamara holder and
9:57 pm
before we get started we've got a clip of the show. let's roll it. >> so you guys, he might be known as a rapper, but here in atlanta he's known for having 11 kids and ten baby's mama. >> ♪ >> my name is ekariya, they say i'm the first lady, the baby mama with the most power because i control shorty's finances. >> my third child is-- and the fourth is tiana hill. the fifth is, the fifth one is jaqwala turner. [buzzer] >> let me think. >> is this the best we can do, really? is this the country now that
9:58 pm
we live in? >> there's actually a woman, one of the women is tamara, the no drama baby mama. i just want to make that clear, but it's not me. anyway (laughter) thank god. look, there's a bigger issue here. >> sean: you're cracking yourself up, i see, all right. >> there's a bigger issue here. the issue is that society has -- we have kids coming from public housing the first child-- >> why did this get a tv show? why is this getting tv time, why? >> it's one hour, to show, highlight somebody's life. to highlight a man who's made money. >> 73% of out of wedlock births in the black community, this is deplorable. this seconds the wrong message to children and degrading to women. i'd like to know where are the feminist, where is the feminist outrage with programs like this? where is their voice. >> first of all, there's a first amendment. if you don't want to watch it, don't watch it. >> don't care about these
9:59 pm
black kids, and it's a bad situation to put children in. >> black women, white women, hispanic women shouldn't watch if they don't like it. >> and with the promo, it's outrageous. >> i find it funny, i find it's outrageous and-- >> wait, you find this funny? because i don't find this funny. i don't think it's good for the kids. >> it's not funny. >> sean: it's not good for the women involved. what's so funny about this? >> what's funny, first of all, it's a one hour show and shows somebody, he takes care of his children. and sitting on the show talking about how obamacare and how we're just a society depending on the government. he takes care of his children. >> this sends the wrong message to all the young children. you could be a pimp in a household with all of these women and kids running around, who is your mother, who is your daddy? it's ridiculous and i think the network needs to be held accountable. >> sean: one of the phoneiest people on tv is maury povich, for example, all right, when